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5 Malaysian YouTubers With High-Quality Content You Should Watch Instead Of That “Babi Air” Dude

A.   |   Jan 29, 2021, 15:33   |   129

Given the recent issue with the "Babi Air" fiasco (which left A LOT of people fuming), you might think there's no hope left for our local youtube scene. 

Well, just because there's one rotten egg in a basket, doesn't mean all eggs are spoiled... or something like that. To restore your faith in Malaysian YouTubers, here are five Malaysian channels you wouldn't have to cringe at. (and worth subscribing!)

1 | The Ming Thing


If you're interested in watching witty, closer-to-home content that would undoubtedly make you say, "Yup, this is totally Malaysian", then you should definitely subscribe to The Ming Thing, if you haven't already. Dubbed the OG Malaysian Youtubers, The Ming Thing team have been creating content since a little over 9 years ago! 

So enough with the brainless, childish challenges on youtube and start watching actual good quality content. As a sneak peek, here's one of The Ming Thing's most famous videos to date. 

2 | Jordan Yeoh Fitness


Give Chloe Ting videos a rest and check out our very own Malaysian fitness youtube, Jordan Yeoh. If you're the type to detest lengthy workout videos, then you need to start watching Jordan Yeoh. Let's face it, we don't have that much time in a day and if we could find a workout video that shows us exactly what its title says, that'd be great. 

Jordan Yeoh's videos are at most 8 minutes long (minus the occasional vlogs and the rigorous exercise routine videos) so they're perfect if you want to squeeze in a short workout during the day. Here's one: 

3 | Dan Khoo Productions

Who's up for some funny, light-hearted sketches centralized mostly around local topics? 


Dan Khoo Productions have been in the game for almost 9 years so it's safe to say they're a pro now. Whenever you're having a bad day, their videos can be a good pick-me-up. For instance, this video right here: 

4 | Kumaar Family

Ah, the good ol' family vlogs. 


Kumaar is a Malaysian who is currently living in California, USA with his Ang Moh wife. His vlogs typically revolve around the cultural differences between Malaysians and Americans, which are always interesting to watch. (Kumaar forcing his caucasian wife to eat Maggi Pedas Giler is a must-watch!)

Here's another fun one for you to watch:

5 | Che Nom


Perfect for those who want to sharpen their cooking and baking skills at home, Che Nom is the go-to youtube channel for easy recipes of famous dishes and desserts. She's like that friendly Malay auntie who's always giving you free food. 

Here's a tried and tested recipe that would make anyone believe you're a pro-baker. Thanks, Che Nom!

We need to stop giving exposure to idiotic content so they will die out amongst all the other contents. If you don't give an idiot the platform to speak, they'll be voiceless eventually. Easy as that. 

Lastly, support our local YouTubers! (that are actually worth supporting)


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