The Only Way Out is Through | 6 Great Ways to Deal with Losing a Loved One



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The Only Way Out is Through | 6 Great Ways to Deal with Losing a Loved One

By ellephant

There is no actual manual which teaches you how to deal with losing a loved one. In actuality, no words could ever suffice. 

However, people often search for hope in the most bleakest of places sometimes, and we're here to offer at least a little of it. 

Here are some of the best ways to turn toward should you be dealing with grief right now. 

Check them out.  

1. Take your time

There is no stopwatch to tell you when to start or when to stop. The process is long, hard, and you'll never know when it'd hit. All you can do is let it happen when it needs to, and allow yourself to feel pain, for as long as you see fit. 

2. Do it your way

Whether it is journaling, or seeking out a professional, reaching out to a friend, taking social breaks every now and then, or just pure distractions, you have to do it the way you're most comfortable with.  

3. Try not to do it alone

Finding someone to help you in this process would be the wiser and healthier means. It could be connecting with those who have experienced similar losses, or someone who is willing to hold your hand during this difficult time. 

4. Laugh

Whether you have fun, laugh, learn how to tackle everyday henceforth, or just be sad 24/7, they're not coming back. Hard as that may be, find the pleasures in little things. It is the only way you grow bigger than your pain.  

5. Let go

You may feel anger or sadness, but choose to forgive and set them free. Say your goodbyes, make peace with their depart and always keep the memories of them alive in your heart. 

6. Prepare for the future

Grief can sometimes feel like time in itself has stopped, however that is never the case. The future will come whether you like it or not, with time and growth, the pain appears smaller. Be prepared for all the relapses no matter the magnitude.  

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