Here Are 10 Channels On YouTube Which Will Teach You New Skills



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Here Are 10 Channels On YouTube Which Will Teach You New Skills

By ellephant

Have you been feeling sort of stagnant where you're at?

Maybe that job you were once so passionate about, isn't hitting right any longer, or maybe you're not reaching new peaks of mental stimulation. 

But how do you start over now right, or do something which could bring more meaning?

It may have been a problem in 2010, but we're in the 21st century, and the Internet is everything. 

That being said, check out these 10 YouTube channels where you can learn some pretty nifty skills. 

1. CrashCourse

- 42 courses on a wide variety of courses

- Chemistry, Literature, World History, Biology, Philosophy, Theater, Ecology, etc. 

2. Skillshare

- A platform for creatives

- Short easy videos to learn quick skills

3. Y Combinator

- A channel solely based for start-ups

- Learn all you need to know about starting up a business

4. Thomas Frank

- Videos by Thomas Frank 

- Teaches one how to manage time, become productive, sink procrastination, learn faster, better, etc. 

5. Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

- A platform for those who are interested in all things science

- Videos to address every spark of curiosity in the world we live in

6. Practical Engineering

- Videos by civil engineer Grady Hillhouse

- Interesting content to teach audiences about infrastructure 

7. MIT OpenCourseWare 

- Education material on professional MIT courses

- Covers MIT curriculum from introductory to advanced

8. TED-Ed

- Content on all things educational

- A means to spread great ideas to the world

9. Talks at Google

- Leaders of the world coming to talk about their successes

- Videos to learn drive, motivation and great ideas

10. Veritasium

- Content on any interesting topic, education, science, etc. 

- 'The Man Who Killed Millions and Saved Billions'

Check them out and have your mind blown!

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