Hailey Bieber Shared A Completely Topless Video & She Looks Incredible!



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Hailey Bieber Shared A Completely Topless Video & She Looks Incredible!

By storyteller24

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Hailey Bieber is killing it in the "fire Instagram post" department (is that a thing?) right now. After sharing an incredible see-through lingerie snap (and her impressive Halloween costume before that), she's now posted a completely topless video to her grid.

The celebs are showing no sign of stopping when it comes to the nude Instagram posts. After Dua Lipa shared a picture from the bath tub, Heidi Klum went topless in a thong - and now Hailey is getting in on the action.

Sharing a video to her beauty brand Rhode's Instagram page, the 25-year-old can be seen with her back to the camera, wearing a pair of jeans and applying lipgloss while topless.

Obviously, she looks fiiiiire.

"Pocket-sized, lipid-rich. peptide lip treatment is back in salted caramel and unscented," the caption reads.

While the comments were mostly full of people trying to get their hands on Hailey's lip treatment, a lot of the comments were also about how incredible she looks. "Hailey YOURE SO BEAUTIFUL!!" one person wrote. Another put, " queen" while a third added, "Ooh this is hottt"

Hailey launched Rhode skincare back in June, with three skin-care essentials: the Barrier Restore Cream, Peptide Glazing Fluid, and Peptide Lip Treatment. From what we can tell, the products sell out every time, and fans are obsessed with the glazed doughnut look the model creates. Impressive.

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