If You Have Been Feeling Depressed, Check Out These 10 Ways To Help!



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If You Have Been Feeling Depressed, Check Out These 10 Ways To Help!

By ellephant

Sometimes, we find ourselves feeling 'meh' with no particular reason pinpointing why. 

Life can get mundane, repetitive and if we're not careful, downright depressing. 

As means to address this, here are 10 habits you could drop, in order to be feel better, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

Check them out. 


1. Lessen the porn & social media

We're not going to tell you to stop, because let's be honest, nobody really wants to. But lessening it can help with not becoming addicted, or a slave to it. 

2. Lessen the bad news

Being informed is important, but having peace of mind is more important. 

3. Invest in your time, don't waste it

Procrastination feels good, but it is non-productive. Attempt to fill your days investing in your growth, knowledge, experiences. 


4. Walk

It is really that simple, just go take a walk every now and then. 

5. Watch the content you take in

Whatever seen, read, listened or absorbed, do so with a grain of salt. Ensure positive impacts only. 

6. Meditate

Take a moment to take life in, and just be present wherever you are. Being mindful increases tranquility. 


7. Look for discomfort

Nobody wants to hear this, but finding things which pushes one to their limits, actually excites people more so than disappoint them. You just have to get through the 'but' part first. 

8. Be grateful

We're complainers, so being thankful may not be our best trait. However, practicing gratitude makes you feel good about yourself. 

9. Focus on the brick not the wall

We constantly find ourselves wondering, 'okay then what?' But, maybe the best decision right now is to just focus on what's in front of you, and the rest, for another day. 


10. Be selfish

You came into this world on your own, and you'd probably leave on your own too. Might as well put you first, before you decide to fend for anyone else. 

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