How Cold Showers Can Help You In More Ways Than One



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How Cold Showers Can Help You In More Ways Than One

By ellephant

The hot new trend in self-care? A cold shower.  

Rolling out of your cozy bed right into a cold shower doesn't sound like the ideal way to wake up each day. 

However, believe it or not, there happens to be like ample of benefits which exist from taking cold showers everyday. 

We're playing the long game here, so bear with us. 

Here are 13 plus points to a cold shower, check them out.  

1. Builds willpower

2. Improve emotional resilience - the ability to deal with stress better

3. Reduce stress

4. Increase alertness

5. Improve skin and hair

6. Promotes weight loss

7. Increase testosterone levels in men  

8. Boost fertility

9. Improves circulation

10. Improves immunity levels

11. Helps with muscle recovery

12. Relieves depression

13. Helps you sleep better  

All great reasons to start your routine of taking cold showers. What's holding you back? *besides the cold

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