Kelantan 15-Year-Old Boy Being Beaten Up By A Gang | Abusers Were Arrested



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Kelantan 15-Year-Old Boy Being Beaten Up By A Gang | Abusers Were Arrested

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On 11 February, a Facebook page, namely Jabatan Netizen Malaysia posted a 54-seconds video, showing a 15-year-old boy being beaten up by a group of teenagers. This incident is believed to have taken place in a school in Pasir Mas, Kelantan. The video, which was captioned, ‘please investigate this bullying case’, went viral by receiving 1.8m views and 53k comments.  

This bullying case came to light after the victim filed a report at the police station of Pasir Mas on 12 February. This bullying case started off due to a girlfriend issue.

The authorities took their action by tracking down all 12 teenagers, aged between 14 to 16 years old, that were involved in this bullying case.  

“Investigations revealed that the victim was initially beaten and punched and beaten several times by a man believed to be fighting over his girlfriend, who is also a student of the same school,” Pasir Mas district police chief ACP Abdullah Mat Piah mentioned to Berita Harian.

Abdullah further added that the victim did try to escape from the scene, but he failed and was beaten up by the gang.

Another video posted by the same Facebook page, Jabatan Netizen Malaysia today, mentioning that all 12 teenagers were arrested. 9 of them were caught in school; 2 were arrested at home while the remaining one turned himself in.

Netizens were commenting on the video saying that, these bullies deserve to be punished for bullying others. Some of them even urged the authorities to not take this bullying case lightly as they or their loved one too shared the experience of being bullied.

Case bullying should be taken seriously because the aftermath of bullying trauma can be long-lasting, thus affecting a person’s behavior and personality.


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