"North Korea Could Host The World Cup " - FIFA President



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"North Korea Could Host The World Cup " - FIFA President


Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, has stated that he would be open to North Korea hosting the Globe Cup in order to "unite the world."

The Swiss CEO said that he had previously attempted to persuade the isolated dictatorship to participate as a host nation for a FIFA tournament. He also added that it is not impossible for football's premier event to one day take place in North Korea.


He said: "FIFA is a global football organisation. We are football people, not politicians, and we want to bring people together." He also stated that "I actually went to North Korea some years ago to ask the North Koreans if they were ready to host part of a Womens World Cup with South Korea. Well, I was not successful, obviously, but I would go another 100 times if it would help."

"Only engagement can bring real change. Were a global organisation and want to remain an organisation that unites the world."


North Korea has never hosted a significant football tournament, though their neighbouring countries, Japan and South Korea held the World Cup together in 2002.

Imagine this: "North Korea World Cup." It does have a nice ring to it, no? What do you think?

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