7 Easiest K-POP Idol Recipes For Your Late-Night Cravings!



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7 Easiest K-POP Idol Recipes For Your Late-Night Cravings!

By m7py

We all know our favorite Oppas & Unnies are big foodies! I mean look at all the mukbangs they're featured in. And, of course, some of them are just exceptional cooks. So, it's no surprise that they would come up with their very own recipes. Fans on K-Twitter are going crazy for these idols' menus. 

Source: Instagram

Which one of these dishes have you tried making yourselves?

#1  NCT DREAM Chenle’s Ramen

#2 Apink Namjoo's Spicy Stir-fried Pork Wrap Pizzza

#3 Got7 Mark Meal

#4 CLC's Eunbin's Jack Skellington

#5 SNSD Yoona's Fried Milk

#6 ASTRO Jin's Banana Coffee

#7 iKON Yunhyeong's Jjampong

So, try recreating these recipes & see if they are as good as what your top idols have claimed. Happy cooking! 

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