We Asked Future & Young M'sian Parents About Safe Sex Being Taught in Schools



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We Asked Future & Young M'sian Parents About Safe Sex Being Taught in Schools

By ellephant

If we were to name all the things which Malaysian schools lack, the list would be hard and long. However, the one rather important aspect we'd like to discuss today is sex.

Sex education may be briefly talked about in schools, however, is practicing the act of safe sex being extensively taught to students? So many problems most often than not stem from schools not providing proper education to students about sex.


From unwanted pregnancies, to STIs and banning sex altogether,  we went around asking a few future as well as young Malaysian parents what they thought about the matter, and this is what they said. 

Mrs A (married, two toddlers, pregnant with one)

"Yes it is good and necessary that school-going students be taught safe sex". 

Mrs B (married, two toddlers)

"Yes at the age of 15 or 16, parents do not talk to their children about these stuff, so please do."


Mrs C (married, yet to have kids)

"I think it is good to have safe sex being taught in schools. It is crucial to avoid unwanted pregnancies and diseases such as STDs. We don't encourage them to have sex, but it's good to be properly informed."

Mr D (married, yet to have kids)

"Yes, I agree. Educating students (secondary) on insisting the use of contraceptives and children (primary) on touch/no-touch areas. I wouldn't object to sex education in schools. It is important, especially because many could be embarrassed to talk about it to parents. Teachers as well as friends should be equipped to provide the right information"


Mrs E (just married, yet to have kids)

"Practicing safe sex is important. Technology is so advanced these days and anyone can access anything, especially children who have no proper supervision by parents or elderly. Hence education for practicing safe sex should be implemented to keep kids safe."

Mr G (married, yet to have kids)

"Yes I would love my children to be taught on practicing safe sex, as it would open minds to the challenges of abortion and how it can be best avoided. Besides that, this preventive measure could also help curb the spread of AIDS and HIV. This way there won't be room for any regrets or guilt from having sexual intercourse."

What do you think about safe sex education?

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