4 Tips To Correctly Try Make-Up Testers So You Don't Waste Money On The Wrong Products!



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4 Tips To Correctly Try Make-Up Testers So You Don't Waste Money On The Wrong Products!

By ellephant

Testing out make-up products aren't always perfect, and even though you think you get them right, a lot of times, they are not as close as you would like them to be. 

This TikToker explained some hacks on trying out makeup products in ways that show you exactly how they would look, feel and sustain on your face. 

Check it out!


#1 Apply concealer to the corner of your hand

This is the best place to test out products to see if it cracks or creases. The corner has lines (similar to that under your eyes), so it would be an easy catch. 

#2  Apply eyeshadow to your knuckles

To test out texture and how well eyeshadow sits on your skin, use your knuckles, because they're like the folds in your eyelid. 


#3 Use a cotton pad and gently wipe a lipstick

Before testing, use a cotton pad to wipe the top layer of a lipstick, then fold it and swab a little onto the cotton pad. After gently rub the tip of the cotton pad all over your lips, to see what the color looks like on your face. 

#4 Use mascara with a little bit of face oil

To test how smudge-prove a mascara is, rub some on the back of your hand, take some natural oils on your face, and then rub it over to see if it smudges.



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