Lung Screening Made Public For The First Time | The Lungs Of COVID-19 Patient Showed ‘Crazy Paving’



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Lung Screening Made Public For The First Time | The Lungs Of COVID-19 Patient Showed ‘Crazy Paving’

By joeeeenggg

As reported in Sin Chew Daily, it's the first time that the medical personnel decided to publicly show the image of lung screening of the COVID-19 patient.

The medical expert pointed out that this condition is similar to the condition when a general virus invades the lungs and that most COVID-19 patients' lungs system will fully be recovered. However, elder patients and patients who have chronic diseases have to be extra careful as the percentage for their condition to become worsen is higher. Although they have recovered from the illness, their lungs system may have sequela due to the damages.

According to the report, the lung screening of the COVID-19 patient showed 'crazy paving' in his or her lungs.  
Photo source: Sin Chew Daily

A research team from Changi General Hospital recently analyzed the lung imaging of a local COVID-19 patient. The research report was published in the 【Singapore Medical Journal】 earlier this month.

The report too revealed the lung screening of a 53-year-old COVID-19 patient. The patient's lungs showed ground-glass opacities at the beginning of admission, and some of the shadows even covered blood vessels. In addition, the lobule of the patient's lungs is thickened, forming a net-like thin line, which overlaps the ground glass shadow and looks like "crazy paving".

It has been mentioned in the report too that the damage to the lungs will not be more than 50%. And that most patients could recover.

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