5 Best Hair Styling Tools Every Woman Should Own Even If You Don‘t Style Your Hair Much



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5 Best Hair Styling Tools Every Woman Should Own Even If You Don‘t Style Your Hair Much


Admit it, we feel prettier when we give our hair a little bit more effort than just a little combing. But, the difference between well-groomed and damaged hair is whether or not we’re using the right tools. 

Here are a few that we‘d recommend to those who want to try out a few different styles for their hair at home without frying it dry or damaging it. 

|1| Vodana's Glam Wave Curling Iron

source: korea beauty cosmetics

Vodana's curler wand is quite a big sensation in Korea and is slowly making its way to Malaysia's beauty scene. Thanks to Shopee, this brand has become much more accessible and you can buy Vodana's products straight from the website's authorized sellers. The curler wands vary in different sizes of barrels and it also comes in a variety of dazzling colors. 


source: vodanapro.com

Get it here on Shopee!

|2| Panasonic Dual-Voltage Nanoe Hair Straightener 


source: panasonic.com

If you can't afford GHD, this is the next best thing. Panasonic Dual-Voltage Nano Straightener uses heat-control technology coupled with moisture-rich nanoe™ which means unlike other heat-styling tools, it uses less heat and in turn causes less damage to your hair. Thanks to their innovative moisture retention feature, it also keeps your hair looking shiny as you continue to use it. 

This hair straightener has a 30-second heat-up time and the highest setting goes up to 230˚C. You can get it at any electronic physical store for RM 450 but it gets cheaper if you buy through Shopee. 

|3| 1800W nanoe™ and Double Mineral Ions Hair Dryer 


source: panasonic.com

If Dyson and GHD are out of your budget, you can never go wrong with opting for Panasonic. This particular one is the best you can get from the brand, and it boasts many other functions than just drying your hair. 

Panasonic is famous for their moisture-rich nanoe™ technology and this handy little tool protects not only your hair against UV damage but your scalp and skin as well thanks to the different modes of the hairdryer. 

You can usually find this tool priced at RM899 at a local electronic store, but why spend more when you can get it for RM 539 through Shopee! (authorized seller, of course. Always look out for the "preferred" indicator on the website.)

|4| Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Brush


source: prostylingtools.com

If you style your hair a lot, keeping around a few ceramic brushes could come in handy especially when they are specifically designed for that purpose. Using regular hair brushes might not give you the results you need hence it's better to invest in one (or two) of these.

These ones from Olive Garden are coated with ceramic barrels, a feature that helps your style to last longer. They come in various sizes and you can purchase them directly at Zalora Malaysia. 

|5| Tangle Angel 2.0 Detangling Hair

Last but not least, this one is quite the savior for frizzy-haired gals. Tangle Teezer's best contender, Tangle Angle is slightly cheaper and performs just as well. 

They're resistant to heat with an easy grip to ensure a better overall detangling process and they can be used on either wet or dry hair. Plus, it stands up on its own!

Do you need a tangle angel? No, if you don't mind losing hair every time you're brushing.  Simply put, this one's a good investment. Check all the other colors and designs on Zalora Malaysia!

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