Activities In Pulau Perhentian That Are Ideal For Reigniting Your Romance



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Activities In Pulau Perhentian That Are Ideal For Reigniting Your Romance

By Grace Sundram

Pulau Perhentian is without a doubt one of Malaysia's most enchanting islands for romantic vacations. Enjoy the coastal breeze and white-sandy beaches that are Instagram-worthy; it's a wonderful place to spend time with your significant other, especially after being able to travel after months of lockdown.

According to legend, the island was formerly guarded by a massive serpent. The villagers named it Naga Pulau Berjuang, and it was said to have resided around Tanjung Basi on Pulau Perhentian Besar. The tale was that it fought another gigantic serpent in the ocean that endangered the island's survival, resulting in creating a tract on the island's hill that is today known as Jalan Naga. Because the serpent is revered as mystic and divine, it is said to explain the island's lack of poisonous snakes.

For those who are unfamiliar with this holiday destination, Pulau Perhentian is famed for its beautiful beaches, Pasir Panjang and Coral Bay which is located on the island of Perhentian Kecil.

Whereas, Perhentian Besar is well-known for its Turtle Beach. And the best part? They are not that far apart from each other!

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Couples who are into scuba diving or snorkelling will be excited to find that this exquisite island paradise boasts amazing marine life. Imagine how exciting would it be to be able to swim alongside turtles, just like Nemo.

Water Sports

Another water activity that will most likely pique your interest is taking your significant other kayaking or even paddle boarding. If this isn't the best way to take in Perhentian's magnificent surroundings, what is? Not only would you be able to enjoy the breathtaking landscape, but you could also watch the sunset with your significant other in the middle of the ocean. I can already picture how lovely that would be!

Relaxing By The Beach

Nevertheless, if you aren't the type of person who enjoys dipping your toes in the water, you can simply relax and sunbathe on the beach. Enjoy a couple of drinks and beachside snacks and don't forget to take lots of photos to fill up that IG feed of yours.

Bonding With Nature 

Those who like getting up real early for a hike can seek an adventure amid the grandeur of the rainforests in Perhentian. Start your way by trekking on the longest trail on the island and find yourself stumbling upon a remote island or a beach resort. 

A quick head's up though, make sure to keep an eye out for monkeys and mouse-deers. How thrilling it would be to travel through the dense forest and discover a hidden paradise? It'll be just like what we've seen in movies ! 


Make sure to plan your holidays ahead as the island will be closed from October to March due to the monsoon season. 

So, I reckon it's the right time to get jiggy with it and rekindle that spark in your relationship by taking a trip to this lovely paradise.

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