SHOCKING: "I Feel So Foolish!" Local Student Shares Story Of She Fell Blindly In Love With Her Lecturer Who Took Advantage Of Her



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SHOCKING: "I Feel So Foolish!" Local Student Shares Story Of She Fell Blindly In Love With Her Lecturer Who Took Advantage Of Her

By JustineG

It's common to hear stories of students developing romantic feelings for their lecturers and eventually entering into relationships. Such is the case with a student from a public university in Selangor, who shared her unsettling experience with a lecturer during her first semester. Described as young, in his early 30s, single, and unmarried, the lecturer initially seemed friendly. However, the student soon detected an ulterior motive.

Despite noticing peculiarities in the lecturer's behavior, the student attempted to overlook them for academic reasons. However, when tasked with a group assignment, the lecturer insisted on a one-on-one meeting with her, claiming she was a slow learner. Without knowing his true intentions, she reluctantly agreed and entered his office. Upon entering, she noticed unsettling paintings decorating the lecturer's room, including images of goat heads and other eerie symbols.

He then offered her tea before their discussion and learning sessions commenced. Despite the apparent camaraderie, the lecturer delved into personal inquiries after one such session. "He asked me if I had a boyfriend at the university. He asked various questions. So, I told him I didn't have a boyfriend because I just started my classes. He then chuckled and said there would be one later," the student revealed.

Despite initially trusting the lecturer's kind demeanor, the student soon found herself infatuated, eagerly anticipating their meetings, even on weekends, to the point of ignoring social invitations from friends.

Their relationship progressed until the student became the lecturer's favorite pupil, earning top grades in the subject. Eventually, they entered into a secretive relationship, with the student admitting her naivety and taking accountability for her actions. However, she soon realized she was being taken advantage of, despite her friends' warnings, and confronted the lecturer.

"I gave him my all because I was truly blinded by love. It was as though I was under his love spell," she admitted.

As the semester neared its end, the student began experiencing unusual symptoms, including acne and significant weight loss. Additionally, she had disturbing dreams that troubled her sleep. Realizing the manipulation she was under, she faced the lecturer, demanding he leave her alone and return all the gifts he had given her.

While one might expect remorse from the lecturer, he instead laughed cynically, choosing to disengage to protect his professional reputation. Since then, he has not disturbed her again.

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