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Man Gives Her Girlfriend Probably The Best Surprise Ever!

Huan Lui   |   Jun 16, 2020, 21:15   |   70

This Malaysian man has just taken ‘surprise’ to another level!
Facebook user Andrew YQ posted yesterday (15 June) photos of him and his girlfriend receiving a number of items bought online. He captioned, “Have been together for over eight years, no more surprise to give. The easiest way is emptying her shopping cart.” Then he added, “This should be all ladies’ favorite gift.”
Wow, this is one BIG gift!
Photo source: Andrew YQ
According to China Press, the man emptied his girlfriend’s shopping cart on Taobao which, obviously, contain all sorts of items including masks, skin care products as well as clothes. 
Photo source: Andrew YQ
And did the girlfriend like this? Just look at her smile. It says it all.
Photo source: Andrew YQ
Doesn’t she look excited?
So, what do you think of this surprise? Would you love one too? xD
Cover photo: Andrew YQ


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