Policeman Finally Reunited With Mom After 9 Months Of Separation



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Policeman Finally Reunited With Mom After 9 Months Of Separation

By Huan Lui

Well, prepare for a box of tissue before you continue, for your tears may go out of control and fall non-stop. T.T

This is a touching story of the reunion of a police officer with his mother. 

After been in police academy training for six months, and another three months spent working at the frontline during the movement control order (MCO), the police officer finally got to meet his beloved mother.

And probably just to double the joy, he decided to surprise her.

The young policeman approached his mother’s nasi lemak stall with a face mask on. Although the mother did not recognized him initially, she broke into tears the moment she realized who he is, like immediately!


Photo source: Friends of PDRM

Both of them finally hugged for a long time after spending months not seeing each other.

This kind of reunion always reminds us of our old parents at home, doesn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Call your parents now and have a good long chat with them. =)

Source: Friends of PDRM

Cover photo: Friends of PDRM

Police MCO Reunion

Huan Lui

Aim the star to reach beyond the sky~



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