The Best Of The Best Celebrity Fits From Coachella 2022



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The Best Of The Best Celebrity Fits From Coachella 2022

By ellephant

After a long break from concerts, music festivals, just normal life in general, nature has slowly begun it's healing process and part of that healing was Coachella 2022. 

The biggest, most lively music festival around, we gathered 19 celebrity outfits from the weekend which simply blew us away! 

Check them out down below. 

1. Paris Hilton  

2. Vanessa Hudgens  

3. Doja Cat

4. Bretman Rock  

5. Halsey  

6. Megan Thee Stallion  

7. Zoey Deutch  

8. Anitta  

9. Saweetie  

10. Alessandra Ambrosio  

11. Conan Gray  

12. Emma Chamberlain  

13. Tinashe  

14. Milli  

15. Bibi  

16. Irene Kim  

17. Dixie D'amelio  

18. Chloe Bailey  

19. Sandara Park  

Such stunners!

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