Top 6 Inexpensive Yet Luxurious Perfumes Every Material Girl On A Budget Must Own!



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Top 6 Inexpensive Yet Luxurious Perfumes Every Material Girl On A Budget Must Own!


Being a material gworl can be so addictive yet so unkind to our wallet. 

One of the most satisfying aspects of being a woman is how good we can make ourselves smell. From scented body lotions to an elaborate fragrant body care routine, smelling good is simply mandatory. It'd make sense for any woman to not think twice about investing in a REAL good perfume, but for the girlies who prefer to keep their wallet thick, here are a few affordable perfumes you can opt for.

Don't get it twisted though-- these affordable perfumes are an incredible compliment getter despite their price tag. Let's take a look: 

1. Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker  
If you're looking for a feminine everyday perfume that stays all-day, this one's for you. If you wear this on a date, be prepared to appear irresistible as a few men have admitted that Lovely make their knees weak. 

2. Cloud By Ariana Grande  
Although some may think Cloud by Ariana Grande is starting to get overrated as every other woman smells like it now,  there's no denying that this perfume just screams sexy in the most seductive way. Plus, at the end of the day, the same perfume will smell different to each individual due to their varying body chemistry. So we say this one would not be a regretable buy. 

3. Armaf Club De Nuit For Her    

Want to smell luxurious on a budget? Armaf Club De Nuit has been compared to Chanel's Madamoiselle and is said to be its exact dupe with a much cheaper price point!

4. Afnan Violet Bouquet  

Girlies with an appreciation for floral scents will absolutely adore this perfume. If you want to smell as if you've just walked into the most majestic floral garden at all times of the day, we'd recommend that you get this one. 

5. Sea Rose by Davidoff Cool Water  

It's insane how affordable it is for how incredibly good it smells! It's a light floral scent that's perfect for a signature perfume. 

6. The Body Shop Vanilla Eau De Toilette  

Oldie but a goodie, you can't go wrong with this Vanilla EDT by The Body Shop. It's sweet with a decent performance and won't ever burn your wallet, even if you buy bottles and bottles of it.  

What's your signature perfume? Let's talk about it in the comment section! 

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