Emaciated Horses Found Unattended Have Been Rescued By PDRM, Owner Loses Custody



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Emaciated Horses Found Unattended Have Been Rescued By PDRM, Owner Loses Custody

By DN21

In another case of "cruel animal owners", three poorly neglected horses spotted in Bukit Ampang are now under the safe hands of the PDRM Equestrian Unit. 

The horrible sighting first circulated on Malaysia Animal Association's Facebook page, where actions were called to rescue the horses and identify the unknown owner. 

Following the op, the owner in question came forward to confess that he's merely a horse lover but is inept in giving proper care. Instead, he resorted to hiring an unexperienced guardian to handle the horses. According to rescuer DSP Nurhidayah Damanhoori, the horses had sustained wounds resulted from the severe neglect. 


Here's to wishing a speedy recovery to the cuties, and major kudos to all those involved in rescuing them!

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