WATCH: Student Starves For 24 Hours As Campus Eateries Remain Closed



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WATCH: Student Starves For 24 Hours As Campus Eateries Remain Closed

By JustineG

A video shared by a university student who goes by the TikTok handle (bayinuckal) has gone viral, as he expresses his deep disappointment with the campus management for the closure of eateries, leaving him and his fellow students to endure 24 hours of hunger.

The emotional plea has sparked a widespread debate on social media, with various opinions surfacing.

One Twitter user, offering advice to the younger students, suggested that if they have the means, they should prepare some dry food supplies to anticipate any situation where the campus cafes or nearby shops might be closed. They emphasized the importance of being prepared for unforeseen circumstances. 

However, it was acknowledged that if a student is experiencing hunger due to financial constraints, the situation might be different. As the majority of students rely solely on the food provided on campus, going to town to purchase meals may not be a viable option for various reasons. 

Nevertheless, even then, some found it difficult to understand why the student hadn't made his own provisions, especially considering that the eateries were closed for just one day.

The conflicting opinions highlighted the different perspectives on the issue. 

However, in a recent update, the student released an apology video after it was revealed that there was a misunderstanding regarding the situation. 


pihak University sangat perhatin, maka mereka telah menyediakan banyak bantuan kepada para pelajar yang memerlukan. saya meminta maaf kerana misunderstanding

original sound - Bayinuckal

It came to light that despite the closure of eateries, the university management had actually made arrangements to provide food and drinks to the students, especially those who were facing financial difficulties. 

The student expressed regret for not being aware of this support and apologized for any misinformation or misunderstandings caused by his previous emotional video. 

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of verifying information before drawing conclusions and the significance of open communication between students and the university administration.

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