66 Y/O Man Died While Having Sex With Wife, Traumatises Wife



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66 Y/O Man Died While Having Sex With Wife, Traumatises Wife


A 66-year-old man in China collapsed and died while having sex with his wife late at night after getting overly excited. Despite being rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, he could not be saved. His wife, who witnessed the entire incident, was traumatised and unable to accept the sudden death of her spouse.


According to media reports, the elderly couple had little sexual activity in their daily lives, but they engaged in sex that night when they suddenly became aroused. Unfortunately, the man exerted too much force and passed out, resulting in his death. Although he was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, it was ultimately ineffective. 

It is reported that the man had high blood pressure and had recently suffered a major illness from which he had not fully recovered. As a result, his body could not handle the physical activity, leading to the unfortunate outcome.


The wife, who had just been intimate with her husband seconds before his death, found it difficult to accept the sudden loss of her partner and was emotionally distraught. 

Experts remind everyone, regardless of gender, to consider their age and physical condition when engaging in sexual activity. "In the face of ageing, we should pay more attention to our physical condition, promptly detect and treat any illnesses, and maintain good health."

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