Woman Subjected To 23 Hours Of Sexual and Physical Abuse By Boyfriend Over Innocent Farting Incident



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Woman Subjected To 23 Hours Of Sexual and Physical Abuse By Boyfriend Over Innocent Farting Incident

By JustineG

In a shocking incident, a woman fell victim to 23 hours of torture by her engineer boyfriend after playing a prank by farting under the blanket. 

The horrifying details of the abuse include the boyfriend forcibly cutting her hair and smothering her with a pillow. The gruesome aftermath has now been revealed.

According to reports from various media sources, a man surnamed Huang and his girlfriend travelled to Taipei in May 2021. During their stay at a hotel, Huang unexpectedly took out a pair of scissors and forcibly cut his girlfriend's hair. 


When she resisted, he proceeded to physically assault her face and head. Later, taking advantage of her sleeping state, he sexually assaulted her and even suffocated her with a blanket and pillow. 


The ordeal continued until the following day at around 7 am when the girlfriend started packing to leave. However, upon discovery, she was subjected to another round of abuse by her boyfriend, which persisted until approximately 8 pm that evening.

After the incident, the woman immediately filed a complaint against Huang. He admitted to cutting her hair with scissors and engaging in sexual activity but denied causing harm, forced intercourse, and depriving her of freedom. 


Huang claimed that his girlfriend had previously cut his hair without permission and that they engaged in a consensual relationship. 

He further argued that covering her face with a pillow was merely a playful act between the two. However, the girlfriend refuted his claims, stating that the incident stemmed from a month-old prank where she farted under the blanket and playfully covered him with it, causing him to smell the odour. 

She said, "Huang claimed to have lasting effects from that incident and used it as a reason to harm my head."


During the court proceedings, Huang denied injuring his girlfriend, maintaining that it was playful behaviour between a couple. 

Moreover, he had not reached any settlement with her, and his post-offence attitude remained questionable. 

Consequently, he was sentenced to one-year imprisonment for causing injury, five years for forced intercourse, and eight months for depriving someone of their freedom. 

The overall sentence amounted to six years and four months, with the possibility of appeal.

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