Ungrateful Son?! Dad Got Son A Secondhand Vios, But Son Dislikes It & Wants A New Axia



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Ungrateful Son?! Dad Got Son A Secondhand Vios, But Son Dislikes It & Wants A New Axia


Do you still remember the first car that you owned or drove? Most of us acquired our first cars from our parents or relatives, whether it was a brand-new car or a used one. Those cars have undoubtedly given us some fond memories. However, for one individual, the situation might not be as pleasant.


A man recently shared his thoughts on Facebook, questioning why his father chose to spend RM30k in cash to purchase a secondhand Toyota Vios instead of a brand-new Perodua Axia, which he personally believes would have been a wiser choice.

The post, shared within a Facebook group, quickly garnered responses from numerous group members who wanted to offer their opinions on the matter.


The majority of commenters supported the father's decision to buy a secondhand Toyota Vios. They argued that the Toyota Vios is a more sensible option and praised its features, such as enhanced safety features, build quality, fuel efficiency, and a superior driving experience.

A few others explained that driving a secondhand car is preferable for new drivers, as older-generation cars tend to have greater durability and are better equipped to withstand accidents. One individual shared her experience of purchasing a secondhand Perodua Kembara for her daughter, noting that the car is exceptionally sturdy and ideal for new drivers.

Several commenters also pointed out that car values depreciate over time, making it a more prudent choice to opt for a secondhand car.

Many also criticized the man for being ungrateful since his father had fully paid for the car in cash, relieving the son of any loan obligations.

However, not everyone agrees with the idea of purchasing a used car and believes that buying a new car is the better choice. Some even jokingly suggested that the man should "get a new father instead."

What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you believe that used cars are a good choice, or do you prefer new cars? Moreover, in this scenario, should the son be grateful for what he has received, or is it acceptable for him to seek more?

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