Abang Rider Promotes His New Song On Bagpack, Many Amused



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Abang Rider Promotes His New Song On Bagpack, Many Amused

By JustineG

If you have a talent, you want to be able to show it off in whatever manner you can, and that's exactly what this Abang Rider is doing.

According to the information acquired, the Foodpanda rider in the photo is known as RMC Prethip, and he works as a part-time food delivery rider while focusing on his music. 

At the traffic light, a netizen saw what made his backpack unusual from others how there was a note plastered on the side of it that states, "Hi guys, can please support my new song on YouTube. Song Name: Amuthavalli."

The music video shows him trying to pursue a girl he likes but encountering several obstacles, causing his mission to fail countless times.

However, at the end of the song, he manages to capture her attention and they both exchange a sweet glance. 

New romcom maybe?

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