Netizen Listed 11 Reasons Why F&B Employers Should Never Hire Gen Z



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Netizen Listed 11 Reasons Why F&B Employers Should Never Hire Gen Z


The people who were born between 1997 and 2019, or more commonly known as Gen Z, have been known for their lack of incompetence when it comes to employment. Some may argue that not all Gen Z are the same, but this F&B employer would definitely say otherwise. An F&B employer recently shared on a Facebook group about her unpleasant experience working with Generation Z. Here are the 11 reasons why she thinks that fellow F&B employers should think twice before hiring Gen Z employees:

# 1 - The Standstill Syndrome

They have perfected the art of standing around, seemingly impervious to the dust and grime that accumulate. Only when explicitly summoned will they begrudgingly lift a finger. It's like having a workforce of statues that come to life on command.

# 2 - The Endless Jukebox

Their need to change the background music is ceaseless. Settling on a playlist that resonates with customers? Forget about it! Their desire for musical exploration trumps the ambience you're trying to create for diners.

# 3 - Workplace Romance Masters

They treat the job like a dating app, with male employees constantly hitting on female coworkers. The focus shifts from efficient service to finding a life partner, resulting in awkward dynamics and plummeting productivity. Some male employees even acted up when the girl was being told off and resigned together.

# 4 - The Culinary Caper

Food mysteriously disappears from the kitchen. It's like a culinary magic trick now you see it, now you don't. Every bit of meat and tofu seems to vanish into thin air. This happens even after their meals are being covered by the employer. What's more ridiculous than that is, they even "tapao" back the food!

# 5 - Bladder Olympians

Gen Z seems to have a hyperactive bladder. They make frequent pit stops to the restroom, especially during peak hours. It's almost as if they're timing their bathroom breaks for maximum disruption.

# 6 - The Procrastination Plague

Tasks assigned in the morning remain untouched for weeks. Are they feigning ignorance or simply practising the art of procrastination? They'll delay everything, even the most straightforward instructions like cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan.

# 7 - Strength-Less Wonders

Physical strength seems to have evaded this generation. Especially the male Gen Z, with their feeble attempts at lifting and carrying, even the most robust female coworkers outmuscle them. Despite looking lifeless all the time, their hairstyle is always on point!

# 8 - Clock-Watchers Extraordinaire

The clock is their sole focus. Their obsession with countdowns and hourly calculations is reminiscent of New Year's Eve celebrations. The fiery passion of older workers has been replaced by a casual, "Is it time to clock out yet?"

# 9 - Factional Feuds

Generation gaps turn into factional conflicts. The "old guard" and the newcomers engage in political battles reminiscent of a medieval court. Divided into cliques, they treat each other like rival factions in a fantasy epic.

# 10 - Stealthy Sips

Their covert beverage operations are unparalleled. When the boss is away, they'll brew secret concoctions that wouldn't pass your menu's quality check. Suddenly, tap water becomes unappealing when they can swipe a surreptitious sip of Milo.

# 11 - The Curse of Resentment

Their aspirations fizzle out quickly. Within weeks, the fresh-faced enthusiasm turns into disdain. A month later, they're wishing for your establishment to be struck by a falling plane. Their resentment can sometimes be the poison that leads to the demise of F&B businesses.

While every generation brings its quirks and challenges, according to this employer, Gen Z's unique blend of behaviours certainly keeps F&B employers on their toes.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with this? Or do you have a different opinion about this? Tell us in the comments. 

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