China‘s New Trend Of Selling Pets In Boxes— Animal Cruelty Alert:



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China‘s New Trend Of Selling Pets In Boxes— Animal Cruelty Alert:

By Ayunie

On May 3rd, A truck transporting dozens of "Pet's Mystery Boxes" was seized after activists in China received information that live animals were trapped inside; some of which had suffocated or crushed to death during transit.  

160 puppies and kittens were found in cruel conditions— trapped in tight enclosures, making it difficult for them to breathe, and if that's not inhumane enough, no water or food was even provided for these poor animals. The animals were starved prior to shipping to prevent them from defecating. These pet mystery boxes are apparently sold in Taobao (a shopping platform similar to Shopee or Lazada) for 9.90 yuan, or around approximately RM 6.33.  

Users on Weibo (a social media platform similar to Facebook) were quick to condemn this animal cruelty act.

“I am extremely outraged! These small animals are so poor. I beg the public not to buy any of these boxes anymore,” A user wrote. “Both the seller and the delivery company are crazy! Don't they have any conscience?” said another user.  

We urge the public not to engage in or contribute to the sales of online pets. We must boycott and deprive these companies of financial gains, especially when they treat living, breathing animals as collateral damage in their pursuit of high profits. 

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