You’re Sleeping, but is it Quality Sleep? | 8 Ways to Find Out



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You’re Sleeping, but is it Quality Sleep? | 8 Ways to Find Out

By ellephant

With this pandemic, it is obvious that our sleep schedules have all gone haywire. 

From binging Netflix, to being glued to our phones, life has never seemed more mundane and chaotic, at the same time.  

We sleep, that's for sure, some maybe even more so than others. But, how much of that sleep, is actually quality sleep? In other words, how do you know if your sleep is worth sleeping? 

We could be wrong, but here are 8 ways, which would almost certainly improve the quality of your sleep. 

#1 Use your bed only for what it is meant for  

Being at home all day, everyday nowadays, has somewhat made the functions of our backbone alien to us. 

We can't seem to sit, or stand, without eventually just laying down. As means to ensure the quality of your sleep, be sure to only use your bed for when you go to bed. Other than that, stay away from it. 

#2 Fix your sleeping schedule  

Almost near impossible, we know. However, this is a rather important step in ensuring quality sleep. Fix your sleeping time everyday and religiously follow it. We promise you, it will only bring wonders. 

#3 Be active in the daytime  

This can seem trying, now more so than ever. 

Nevertheless, it is vital that you find a way to work your body, limbs, joins, etc. Walk around, go for a jog, do home workouts, yoga, a little bit of dancing. Keep your body moving and active. 

#4 Put your gadgets away before shut-eye  

When it's time for bed, place your gadgets aside, and calmly breathe, before you rest for the night. We're with devices literally 12 hours a day now, pretty sure 30 minutes away from it won't kill you. 

#5 Fix the temperature of your room  

Be comfortable when you sleep. Whether it's making your room warmer or colder, set the temperature around you to be what's best for you in that moment of time. 

#6 Switch off the lights  

Unless you're afraid of the dark, it'd probably be in your best interest to make the room you're sleeping in mostly dark. The darkness helps with falling asleep, and staying asleep. 

#7 No coffee, cigarettes or alcohol  

Don't worry, we don't mean forever, we just mean before sleeping. 

These substances have ingredients in them to keep you awake, and mess with your sleep. Do your best to stay away from them before you go to sleep, and you will have a more qualitied sleep. 

#8 Don't eat before bed  

As much as we are all guilty doing it, we are strongly advised against this. If your stomach is working to digest food when it should be resting, then it's obvious your body isn't getting the rest it so clearly needs. 

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