Love Wearing White? Here’s How to Look Slimmer in White Clothes:



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Love Wearing White? Here’s How to Look Slimmer in White Clothes:

By MJC97

We don’t know why, there’s probably a scientific explanation related to colour theory or something that explains it, but apparently white clothes make you look bigger than you actually are. 

We hate it because we love wearing white! 

Sadly because of this stupid scientific colour effect, we often have to ditch the white and opt for black. 

But the problem with black is that it doesn’t really give you the soft girly look that white does and in Malaysian weather, black outfits just lead to sweaty and stinky 


So, here are some tips on how to look slimmer in white:

#1 Keep it fluid

Wearing skin-tight white outfits is a huge fashion crime. Tight whites cling to your body and highlight any bulges. Fluid fit means clothes that aren’t loose but aren’t skin-tight either. This type of fit will enhance your curves and help you look like a curvy-licious diva.  

#2 Put on a long cardigan

If you’re wearing a white top that’s making you look bigger than normal, try wearing a long cardigan over it as it will have to conceal your body making you look slimmer than normal.  

#3 Choose thicker fabric

Thick fabric will help hide any love handles that you’re not loving that much yet. If you wear thin fabric, it will highlight and draw attention to them.  

#4 Wear heels

If you’re wearing a white dress or a white skirt, ditch the flats and opt for heels instead. Heels make your legs look thinner and longer.  

#5 Try different silhouettes 

Instead of choosing a form-fitting top and skinny jeans or a tight skirt, wear boot cut jeans or pants and A-line dresses or skirts. These types of bottoms are waist hugging which emphasizes your waist and makes you look slimmer.  

#6. Go for peplum tops

Whatever your body type, peplum tops turn any body shape into an hourglass. Plus, the flare is located strategically around the tummy area to help conceal any extra love hidden in your tummy area.  

Love Wearing White Look Slimmer in White White Clothes


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