We Just Finished The Glory Part 2 & Here's Why We Think This K-Drama Is A Must Watch



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We Just Finished The Glory Part 2 & Here's Why We Think This K-Drama Is A Must Watch

By ellephant

The Glory Part 2 just hit Netflix yesterday, and we finished all those 8 episodes in one sitting!


A story about bullying and Song Hye-Ko's quest for revenge, we had to see if every character got what they had coming for them. 

Badassery and emotional satisfaction, here are a few of the many reasons why you should tune in stat. 

#1 The storyline is bomb


Inspired by true events, it is a fresh take on how the repercussions of bullying is managed. So much struggle and so much triumph wrapped in one, it really is something else. 

#2 We're suckers for dark humor


There's something twisted and messed up about finding humor in the scariest things. It may seem off, but also, it comes effortless to relate to pain. 

#3 Symbolism and top notch acting


The symbolism in the show to reflect the struggles and pain are at unprecedented levels, and the talent is off the roof. 

#4 The lines on the show are just iehbsbsjksl


- I'll be your executioner, tell me who do you want me to kill first?

- She's so calm like she's under water but makes me feel like I'm in the eye of the storm

- I will be your missing 1%

- A would can be healed by creating an even deeper wound, so new skin can fill up with new skin. Let me be the one to make those wounds. 

Are you still not convinced? Get to binging now!

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