HEARTWARMING: High School In Selangor Honors Their Cleaner With An Appreciation Award During Merdeka Day Celebration



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HEARTWARMING: High School In Selangor Honors Their Cleaner With An Appreciation Award During Merdeka Day Celebration

By Ayunie

In a touching display of gratitude and appreciation, SMK Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah recently honored one of their unsung heroes during their Merdeka Day celebration. The recipient of this heartwarming recognition was an Indian middle-aged man who works diligently as a school cleaner.

As the event unfolded, the school's hall was filled with students, teachers, and staff who had gathered to celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day. Among the various activities and awards scheduled for the day, one particular moment stole everyone's hearts.

When the time came to honor the dedicated school cleaner, whose name has not been disclosed, the entire hall erupted with cheers and applause. Students, teachers, and staff alike were united in their support as he made his way to the podium to receive his well-deserved award. As he made his way, the school hall resounded with students chanting, "Uncle, uncle, uncle!" This heartfelt chant symbolized the strong bond they shared with the humble cleaner.

Watch the video below, or click here to watch it on TikTok:

@brader_bear #penutupmerdeka2023 #merdeka66tahun MALAYSIA - Faizal Tahir

The heartwarming scene didn't stop there. A video capturing this touching moment was uploaded to TikTok by user @brader_bear, where it quickly went viral. Malaysians from all walks of life were deeply moved by the school's initiative to recognize and appreciate these unsung heroes who play an integral role in maintaining a clean and conducive learning environment.

This heartening gesture serves as a reminder that appreciation knows no boundaries and that acts of kindness and recognition can make a significant impact on individuals who often work behind the scenes. 

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