How to tell your stylist to cut you a Korean bangs | Show them this post



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How to tell your stylist to cut you a Korean bangs | Show them this post

By Trissss

During the pandemic, people grow their hair out unintentionally. As the CMCO lifted, people finally have time to cut their hair.

A new hairstyle is akin to a new identity. But, you don't really need to cut the entire hair. You could easily change your vibe by cutting new bangs.

Korean bangs are trendy yet it's difficult to tell your stylist how to cut it.

Fear not! Just show your stylist this article. Your stylist would know how to do it.

Lisa bangs

Lisa the goddess of the bangs, everyone knows how she obsessed with her bangs.

Her signature bangs would be a great new look for 2021.

Baby hair bangs

If you do not have the courage to cut Lisa bangs, you should choose this baby hair bangs.

With this bangs, even if it went wrong, it doesn't show that much.

As this baby hair bangs usually will hide underneath your front hair.

Magazine photoshoot female models would have this baby hair bangs 

To cover up the empty spot and create layers

When you are tying a ponytail or a messy bun, your forehead would usually be quite empty.

So, if you want to make your face look smaller without using shading. 

Request your stylist to cut this seamless baby hair to shape your face.

Long and thicker bangs

People who have a rounder face could choose to cut this.

This long bangs usually parted your hairline in the middle.

It is the most feminine bangs that you could get.

The key is to cut more layers around your ears. 

Full on airy bangs

Airy bangs was a hit at one point. Everyone was having this airy bangs.

It's a non-fail bangs that you could get.

Airy bangs is the combination of baby hair bangs and long bangs.

It has the most effective effect of shaping your face.

Have fun when getting a new hair style!

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