Musang King Prices To Rise Up To RM60 in Malaysia! Here's Why:



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Musang King Prices To Rise Up To RM60 in Malaysia! Here's Why:

By MJC97

As the durian season is just around the corner, we Malaysians can't wait to buy some of that deliciously creamy and aromatic durian fruit that only comes into season from around the end of May to September. As we were excitedly crossing out the days on our calendars, we were shocked to hear that durian prices this year are going to be outrageously expensive  

According to Channel News Asia, the irregular weather has slowed the production of the king of fruits. According to Malaysian industry players, the fruit's yield has dropped by 70 to 80 percent this year.

Mr Lim, who runs a farm in Raub, Pahang, says durian trees require at least 14 days of dry weather before their blossoms emerge. He predicted that with constant rain, there would be vegetative growth but no blossoming on the trees  

Besides the rain, the Malay Mail reported that durian producers attributed the price increase to two factors: the high cost of fertiliser owing to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the closure of the Shanghai port due to the month-long citywide lockdown, which has hampered shipments.

According to Heng Mee Oo, owner of Orcheeking Enterprise, a Black Thorn now costs RM100 per kilogramme, up from its regular price of between RM75 and RM80 per kilogramme.  

According to Top Fruits managing director Tan Sue Sian, durians would be particularly pricey this season. Musang King would not cost less than RM60 per kilogramme.  

So, if you want to feast on a lot of durians this year, don't get your hopes up to high. Since they will be too expensive, you would probably only be able to afford a few fruits but don't let that stop you from enjoying its rich and creamy taste and texture! 

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