This Ingredient Is Truly A Holy Grail For The Face! MUST-TRY Skincare Product



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This Ingredient Is Truly A Holy Grail For The Face! MUST-TRY Skincare Product

By ellephant

One of the most important skin ingredients you'd ever introduce into your skincare routine would be hyaluronic acid. 

It is basically the holy grail of products, and we're here to tell you exactly why. 

For one, it comes with an ample number of benefits. Take a look at the list below.  

1. Hydrates face

2. Keeps skin moist and dewy

3. Retains water content in face

4. Plump up fine lines & wrinkles

5. Creates volume in the skin

6. Helps with UV exposure

7. Prevents the infestation of pollutants

8. Provides healthy skin

9. Keeps face radiant

10. Enhances healing  

When do I introduce it to my skincare routine?

- When you have wrinkles

- When you have fine lines

- When there is appearance of rough texture on face

- When your face is dehydrated (looks dull)

What type should I use?

Those with a more oily-type face should opt for a water gel-based product, whereas those with drier skin should go for an oil-based product. 

Are there side-effects of any kind?  

1. Hyaluronic acid is acid-safe

2. It is good to use on the everyday

3. Avoid using it on top of a sunscreen or moisturizer should you intend maximum benefits

4. It can cause inflammation, irritation or dryness if the product doesn't work for you

A life-changing product indeed, find one best suited to you and get ready for the best skin of your life!

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