There Are 5 Main Love Languages, But It's So Much Deeper Than You Think!



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There Are 5 Main Love Languages, But It's So Much Deeper Than You Think!

By ellephant

One of the first thing's we check with someone these days is their love language. 

I mean, how are we to know how to act around someone important, or even ourselves, if not, right?  

But, whether you know it or not, there is so much more depth to love languages than you think. Love languages can expand and branch out, especially when it comes to me, myself and I. 

Here's what we mean. 

1. Quality time can also mean:  

- Exploring nature

- Solo dates, travel, adventure

- Hobbies

- Watching a film or series with someone, or alone

- Learning a new skill

- Getting to know yourself better

2. Physical touch can also mean:  

- Getting a massage

- Practicing a skincare routine

- Giving yourself a hug

- Taking a self-care bath

- Wearing something you want

- Stretching/working out

3. Receiving gifts can also mean:  

- Buying yourself something nice

- Gifting yourself through experiences

- Booking yourself a class

- Booking an appointment (nails, hair, face, body)

- Investing in your business/hobbies

- Eating/drinking at your fav place

4. Words of affirmation can also mean:  

- Daily affirmations

- Engaging in positive self-talk

- Reciting self-love mantras

- Writing down things you love about yourself

- Self-love/gratitude journaling

- Complimenting yourself

5. Acts of service can also mean:  

- Running yourself a bath

- Cooking yourself something nice

- Doing something beneficial for your future

- Cleaning up your space

- Completing a task on your to-do list

- Making your bed

After all, love starts with you, no?

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