SHOCKING: M'sian Man Exploits Pregnant Wife For Sexual Services, Charging Up To RM550



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SHOCKING: M'sian Man Exploits Pregnant Wife For Sexual Services, Charging Up To RM550

By JustineG

Sex service news isn't a new phenomenon, but the disturbing requests some individuals make can be unsettling.

Unfortunately, a woman's husband took it to another level by exploiting his pregnant wife on Twitter, offering her for sexual services to fulfill the desires of 'swingers'–couples who swap partners for sexual interactions. 

Many netizens have expressed their discomfort with the details, such as the woman being petite, and her husband charging men between RM350 with a condom and RM550 without, allowing ejaculation inside. 

One unsettling condition is that the husband must watch her engage in these activities. 

Other criteria include 'no anal,' 'no rough sex,' and 'Malays only.' 

Netizens have condemned the user for lacking shame, selling his wife as a sex slave, and exploiting her pregnancy to attract customers.

To add to the shock, we traced the account to another verified user known as VideoSwinger, organizing what they describe as the 'Largest Orgy and Gangbang Party To Take Place In Malaysia.'

The tweet has garnered attention, with some expressing interest and even inquiring about parties in Penang or Sabah. 

As of now, there's no official news on whether authorities will take action, despite many tagging PDRM and MCMC.

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