Is Plant-Based Shampoo Good For You? Can It Cleanse Your Hair & Scalps Effectively? Here’s What You Need To Know About Plant-Based Shampoo



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Is Plant-Based Shampoo Good For You? Can It Cleanse Your Hair & Scalps Effectively? Here’s What You Need To Know About Plant-Based Shampoo


The plant-based shampoo is not a novel concept in the haircare market, yet it remains unfamiliar to many consumers. What exactly constitutes a plant-based shampoo, and how beneficial is it for your hair and scalp? Is it really better than chemical shampoo? Or is it just a marketing gimmick? Let's explore!

What Is Plant-Based Shampoo?

Plant-based shampoos are typically formulated with natural ingredients derived from plants, such as extracts, oils, and botanicals. They often avoid synthetic chemicals, sulfates, and harsh detergents that can be found in traditional shampoos.

Is Plant-Based Shampoo Effective?

The efficacy of a plant-based shampoo depends on its specific formulation. Many are designed to gently cleanse the hair and scalp without stripping away natural oils.

Additionally, with the inclusion of different herbs and plants, these shampoos can provide solutions to various hair problems like hair fall, sensitive scalp, and oily scalp.

Who Is Suitable To Use Plant-Based Shampoo?

Plant-based shampoos are generally gentler on the scalp due to fewer synthetic ingredients in their formulation, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive scalp or allergies.

What Should I Know Before Trying Out A Plant-Based Shampoo?

It's crucial to note that not all plant-based shampoos are created equal, so reading the ingredient labels is advisable.

Some plant-based shampoos may not lather as much as conventional ones, but this doesn't necessarily imply they are less effective at cleaning. Lathering agents in shampoos, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), are frequently included more for the perception of cleanliness than for their actual cleaning power. While SLS may effectively eliminate dirt and dust from hair, it tends to strip away essential moisture and essential oils, resulting in dry and damaged hair. Therefore, it's advisable to opt for hair care products that are SLS-free to maintain healthier and more nourished hair.

If you decide to make the switch, consider your hair type, specific needs, and potential sensitivities. Finding the right plant-based shampoo may require some experimentation.

Lucky for you, we have just the right range of plant-based shampoo selections just for you. 

Founded in France and with over 50 years of experience in crafting some of the best natural plant-based hair care products, it’s…KLORANE

Following the philosophy of "One Plant, One Solution," KLORANE offers nine different ranges to target diverse needs.

#1 - Quinine: Strengthens & Anti-Hair Loss

Revitalizes and fortifies hair with the synergistic effects of Quinine and caffeine, KLORANE Quinine series strengthens hair from its roots and effectively reduces hair breakage. It is rated No. 1 among Hair-Loss Products in Europe and it is proven to reduce hair loss by 60%! Additionally, it is pregnancy and breastfeeding-friendly, thanks to its plant-based formula.【For Hair Fall, Thinning, Tired and Weak Hair】

#2 - Peony: Soothes Sensitive Scalp

With a physiological pH formula, Peony shampoo delicately cleanses sensitive and irritated scalps, while respecting the scalp’s natural equilibrium. Formulated with Peony extract that is scientifically proven for its soothing and anti-irritant properties, the Peony series not only provides scalp 24-hour instant soothing effect, but hair is also softer and shinier with a delicate relaxing fragrance.  【For Sensitive And Irritated Scalp】

#3 - Oat Milk: ULTRA-Gentle For Everyone

Enriched with Oat milk, effortlessly cleanses, detangles and softens hair, suitable for all hair types, including children aged 3 and above.【For All Hair Types】

#4 - Organic Mint: Scalp Detox

Deeply purifies the scalp, eliminating impurities and pollutant particles while maintaining the scalp's balance. Your scalp will feel refreshed with a minty cool sensation!【For Pollution-Exposed Hair】

#5 - Dry Shampoo: Clean & Volume Hair In 2 Min

The innovative dry shampoo formula from KLORANE provides you with a clean and textured look whenever you need an instant hair fix. The natural formula eliminates oil, dirt and odours in 2 minutes without water, adding volume to hair. Plus, they do not leave any white residue on the hair. Comes in three variations: Oat Milk which is ultra-gentle for all hair types, Nettle which provides 48 hours of oil control for oily scalp and Organic Mint which refreshes and detoxifies the scalp for pollution-exposed hair (e.g. sweaty hair). 【For normal to oily scalp looking for a quick hair fix 】

#6 - Citrus: Purifying and Revitalising

Imparts a sense of lightness, energy, and vitality to your hair, while eliminating the effects of pollutants including the residue from styling products and chlorine water from swimming.【For Normal to Oily Hair】

#7 - Nettle: Oil Control

Delicately cleanses and purifies oily hair, regulating sebum production with each use. Dermatologically proven to reduce sebum by 50% in 3 weeks.【For Oily Hair】

#8 - Flax Fiber: Volumizing 

Infused with Flax fibre, swiftly untangles hair, providing hold and volume from roots to tips. It restores your natural hair volume and gives you textured, soft and bouncy hair.【For Fine, Limp Hair】

#9 - Pomegranate: Colour Enhancing

Protects your hair colour for up to 8 weeks while enhancing your hair colour, giving it a luscious radiant shine.【For Colour-Treated Hair】

Adhering strictly to the "KLORANE Botanical Expert" quality standards, KLORANE crafts innovative, safe, gentle, and highly effective plant-based hair care formulas. 

Committed to eco-friendliness, KLORANE ensures their products, from ingredients to packaging, are as natural and environmentally conscious as possible. 

Talking about eco-friendly, KLORANE is celebrating its 5th Anniversary in Malaysia with the "Grow Green with Klorane" campaign and they have initiated 2 meaningful activities:-

1. Comment & Plant A Tree

In collaboration with APE, the campaign aims to contribute to the restoration of Sabah's rainforest. KLORANE invites the online community to participate in creating a green environment by pledging to plant a tree for every 5 comments on the campaign post. Additionally, every participant stands a chance to win KLORANE products!

2. Grow Green Workshop at Bangsar Nursery

Collaborating with the Free Tree Society, a non-profit environmental organization, KLORANE has organised a Grow Green Workshop where participants had the opportunity to gain insights into the significance of sustainable living, actively took part in a planting workshop, and learned practical ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their lives — a step towards helping our world grow green.

So head over to your nearest Watsons or shop online: Watsons | Shopee | Lazada

For more information, you may find them on social media: Facebook | Instagram 

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