WATCH: "I'm Not Coming Back To This Outlet!" Pandora Staff Discriminated Customer For Purchasing Jewellery With Discount Voucher



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WATCH: "I'm Not Coming Back To This Outlet!" Pandora Staff Discriminated Customer For Purchasing Jewellery With Discount Voucher

By JustineG

Regardless of one's financial capacity, when presented with discount vouchers, it's likely they would utilize them. This was the case for local TikToker Abnormina, who received an RM50 Pandora discount voucher while grocery shopping at Mercato. 

Inspired by this, she decided to purchase a friendship ring with her friend upon visiting the Pandora outlet in the new TRX shopping mall. Upon entering the store, they were approached by a salesman and so they inquired about items they could purchase using the voucher. 

Instead of offering assistance, the salesman appeared to mock and discriminate against them, insinuating that they were being cheap and couldn't afford the purchase. The salesman also persistently questioned how they managed to obtain the vouchers during their grocery shopping.

In addition to this, the TikToker's friend asked the salesman about the possibility of silver jewellery, which the store predominantly sells, getting tarnished. The salesman responded with a tone of irritation as if displeased with their questions. Despite the unprofessional behaviour, the customers remained composed.

In the same video, the woman also claimed that the salesman asked them personal questions about their residence, workplace, and the department they worked in. Furthermore, the salesman inquired if she worked in the finance department of a specific company. Upon confirming, the man replied with a sarcastic remark, saying, "Oh, no wonder." The reason behind his comment remains unclear.

At the end of the purchase, the two women were asked if they wanted to register as members of the jewellery brand. Initially hesitant, they agreed after being informed of the 20% discount offered on birthdays. 

In the comment section, it was revealed that many others had faced similar experiences while shopping at the famous jewellery store branch in TRX Mall. 

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