WATCH: "Can You Review My D*ck?" Woman Claims Local Reality TV Star Sent Her A D*ck Pic During Their Chat



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WATCH: "Can You Review My D*ck?" Woman Claims Local Reality TV Star Sent Her A D*ck Pic During Their Chat

2 Weeks ago
By JustineG

The escalation of scandals involving local celebrities has become increasingly prevalent over the years, and just when it seemed the Aliff Aziz and Ruhainies scandal was enough for the year, another one emerged. 

This time, it involves a young reality star who allegedly had sent unsolicited explicit photos to a woman named Safi (pseudonym) through local content creator Yusrina's TikTok series "Stories from my DMs."

@yusrinashan This issue is serious ya but the girl who DMed me this story is so funny like the way dia maki laki tu mmg A+ #fypシ #fyp #storytime #grwm #gossip #makeup #hijab #skincareroutine Funny video "Carmen Prelude" Arranging weakness(836530) - yo suzuki(akisai)

In Safi's account, she reveals that she had been texting a rising star, a contestant on an unnamed reality show. It all started when she downloaded a "yellow-coloured" dating app and unexpectedly matched with someone who claimed to be an up-and-coming artist. Throughout their conversation, the unnamed star boasted about his appearance on the show and expressed if she had any concern about potential online harassment from jealous fans if they found out that the two of them were chatting. Eventually, he moved their conversation to Telegram, citing concerns about potential scandals.

However, things took a disturbing turn when he abruptly sent Safi a disappearing photo of his privates without warning, wanting her to review its size, diameter, and shape. Shocked and angered, Safi confronted him, but he insincerely apologized and brushed off the incident. She promptly blocked him. Several months later, he contacted her from a different number, apologizing for his previous behaviour and admitting to sleeping with a crew member on set. He expressed a desire to do the same with Safi. Enraged by his audacity, Safi threatened to expose their conversations if he contacted her again, and fortunately, she hadn't heard from him since.

Many netizens speculated in the comments, suggesting that the reality star could be from a "Hero Remaja" contestant, though there's no concrete evidence to confirm this. Some shared similar experiences with these contestants, with one claiming that the celebrity they chatted with is now married. Whether true or not, such behaviour must be condemned, and action must be taken to prevent further harassment.

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