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MEWING | The Natural & Free Method To Look More Attractive Than Ever

By Kiuueii

Most people might thought that our looks are wholly determined by our genetics but that is just not true. When people think that their faces are not that good looking, they have only 2 options in mind. The first option is to accept how your face looks like and still unsatisfied while the second option is to have an expensive facial surgery. What people don't know is that there is a third option after all, which is "Mewing".

Introduced and researched by Dr. Mike Mew, mewing is a do-it-yourself facial restructuring technique involving tongue placement in order to have a better facial posture. The tongue is a strong muscle that supports the cranium and it plays an imperative role in training your facial muscles to ensure that your face stays in place properly. Mewing has been scientifically proven effective and it was tried by many foreign Youtubers. The results of mewing are quite amazing!  
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So how do we do it? Basically, mewing is the action of pushing the tongue against your palate, which is the top of your mouth. The teeth has to rest on each other and the upper part of the tongue has to stick at the top then stay in place whenever your mouth is closed. It has to become a habit of yours and practiced all the time.

Other general training has to be implemented to assist the mewing process as well, like eating tough foods that are hard to chew as this exercise helps to train the facial muscle. Also, mouth breather should also quit their bad habit and start breathing through their nose to make sure that your mouth is closed whenever possible.  
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This technique is perfectly safe, natural and free but it would need time and consistency. It is not a quick fix as the results are only obvious after months or even years of practice. Mewing will help you in circumventing problems such as a potruding neck, cricket teeth or a droppy, saggy face so that you would have a better looking jawline, a healthier posture and look more attractive than ever! Try it now!

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MEWING | The Natural & Free Method To Look More Attractive Than Ever

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