Man Drugs Girlfriend With Abortion Pill When She Refuses To Abort Their Baby



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Man Drugs Girlfriend With Abortion Pill When She Refuses To Abort Their Baby

By ellephant

The girlfriend of a urologist in China admitted to drugging her drink with an abortion pill when she refused to get rid of the baby.  

Based on reports, the two had been in a long-term relationship since 2021, and then the woman discovered she was pregnant mid this year. She shared the what-she-thought-would-be good news to her boyfriend, but he persuaded her to terminate the pregnancy.

But she was opposed to it, insisting on keeping the baby.  

When they met to discuss the situation further, they went to a convenience store where he bought water and she bought coke. She then realized later on that he has taken the drink from her several times.

A few days later when she was having lunch with a colleague, she received a call from him admitting to drugging her and asking whether she had bled yet.  

“I was very angry, but I thought he was joking”, she said.

The next evening, she started bleeding. He admitted it, when she pressed it out of him, and she reported what had happened to the authorities. The case is still under investigation. 

For more on the story, read here.

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