"The Robber Died On The Spot," Driver Accidentally Runs Over Robber In Escape Attempt



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"The Robber Died On The Spot," Driver Accidentally Runs Over Robber In Escape Attempt


A man on his way to a seafood shop to buy goods early in the morning encountered three masked robbers attempting to intercept and rob him. In a state of panic, he accelerated his car to escape, inadvertently killing one of the robbers. The other two robbers abandoned their accomplices and fled on motorcycles.

The incident occurred around 6 a.m. today in an alley behind a coastal shop in the Port of Kedah.


According to the victim, Ah Hou (32 years old, owner of a chicken and duck farm), at the time, he was alone in his car, preparing to purchase small fish for feeding his duck flock from the seafood shop he regularly visited.


As it was still early, Ah Hou was resting in his car when he suddenly encountered three masked robbers smashing his car mirrors with iron rods.


"I was shocked to see the masked robbers attempting to rob me, so I panicked and stepped on the gas to escape," he said.

He revealed to reporters that while fleeing in his car, he accidentally collided with a motorcycle in front, only later realizing that it was one of the robbers. The other two individuals abandoned their accomplices and fled the scene.


He mentioned that the robbers didn't manage to steal anything from him or his car. He later went to the Port of Kedah police station with a friend who happened to pass by, to report the incident.

According to local residents, the deceased robber is believed to be a chef at a nearby restaurant.

Furthermore, the forensic team of the Kedah police subsequently cordoned off the scene for evidence collection and investigation. Kedah Chief of Police Dato' Faisal confirmed the incident and stated that a statement would be issued later regarding the progress of the investigation.



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