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How Hybrid Workforce Is The New WFH, Ways It Could Eliminate Stress and Eradicate Burnout

Ayunie   |   Nov 2, 2021, 09:18   |   737

Let's be honest— the WFH culture is not a one-size-fits-all working model, and cases of burnout have hit an all-time high ever since millions were forced to undergo the workforce transition from commuting daily to their office to working from home since the pandemic.


So, the billion-dollar question is: how do we avoid mentally exhausting ourselves to death while still maintaining a good work ethic? If you find yourself constantly having a breakdown in the middle of work, here are some things you can start to establish: 

• Set A Strict Schedule And Professional Boundaries 


How many times have you felt pressured to work during lunch breaks while WFH? The lines between work and leisure can easily fade into obscurity when you don't set solid boundaries and establish your priorities. Being flexible and always available gets you brownie points, sure , but when you choose to be too accommodating you're bound to experience regular burnout. 

Learn to say no, and focus only on the important tasks.

• Give Yourself A Break, It's Okay


There's a fine distinction between having a good work ethic and constantly overcompensating in an attempt to ease your anxiety— that little voice that tells you you're not doing enough. In this case, it's perfectly fine to give yourself a little grace and take a break. 

Practice self-compassion whenever possible, try to remember this. 

• Set Up A Personal Workspace, Or Better Yet: A Coworking Space


The golden rule of WFH: you simply must set up your own space, strictly for work. Having a designated workspace can boost your productivity and lessen the emotional exhaustion that WFH can trigger. If that doesn't work, you can always immerse yourself in a coworking space.

If you happen to live around Klang Valley, you should give Co-labs Coworking a go!

# What's Co-labs Coworking?




It's a dynamic, thoughtfully-designed workspace that knows the importance of work-leisure balance, and accommodates both your professional and wellness needs in new and unique ways. 

# Where Are They Located?

Co-labs Coworking has branches all around Klang Valley for your convenience — take a look at their locations:


# What Amenities Can You Find At Co-labs Coworking?




At Co-labs Coworking , you'll find that there are plenty of facilities that will help to ease your transition from WFH to working in a shared space— from their well-designed meeting rooms to their comfy nap pods. There's more: 

• Member’s Lounge

• Recreational Lounge

• Workspace Wellness

• Membership Discounts & Perks

• All Event Access



# New Coworking Pass

Co-labs Coworking  is introducing a new package called Coworking Pass: Get Back On Track where you can choose between a 1-Day Pass, a 7-Day Pass, or a 30-Day Pass.  In each pass, you'll be able to enjoy daily free seating, access to member amenities across all locations, and did we mention free barista-grade coffee? 

That's not all, of course. Check out all these other perks: 



# Where To Register? 

You can register anytime, even today! Just click >>> HERE <<< to get yourself your own coworking pass. For more information, head on over to their social media platforms:

Official Website



Last but not least, it's always beneficial to invest in a change of environment and scenery for a more productive culture, so now's the time to give coworking space a chance if you haven't!


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