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Need A Desktop That Won't Overwhelm Your Desk? You'll Appreciate This Space-Saving Monitor. Check It Out:

Ayunie   |   Dec 3, 2021, 14:02   |   5109

As convenient as a laptop can be, nothing beats a well-performing desktop that can handle a gazillion opened tabs without crashing, especially on days where you're required to multitask and you simply cannot afford any technical mishap. 

Constantly staring at a laptop screen often triggers eyestrain, otherwise known as computer vision syndrome, which can eventually cause eye problems in the future. Having a bigger screen will help minimize that. 

If you're the type that spends most of your time looking at a digital screen, you might want to check out LG Ergo Monitors aka the perfect productivity monitor— perhaps even the only one you need. It comes equipped with ergonomic aspects and high flexibility, aside from its attractive minimalistic design. Let's look at its main features:  

# Key Features of The LG's Ergo Monitor:


# Flexible Monitor

Can we talk about the flexibility of the LG's Ergo Monitor that's simply astounding? You can adjust it according to comfort, in whichever angle you choose— in a way that will allow you to adjust the monitor in all directions without moving the device stand. It also helps to promote good posture through its high degree of adjustability and enables users to create an ideal workstation. We personally love how well it fits into the whole minimalistic design concept!

# Simple Installation with Ergonomic Stand

Each LG Ergo monitor is supported with a C-clamp type desk fixture yet at the same time has the ability to fit into a cable hole on the desk. This space-saving feature prevents unnecessary clutter in your workspace and it's easy to set up too! Simply install the ergo stand easily with just one click on the display's back cover frame without any installation tools.


With a screen the size of standard television, the LG Ergo monitor allows so much space for your viewing that you won't need to stress over having to switch multiple windows back and forth, among other things. Whether if it's for work or personal hobbies, there's an LG Ergo monitor for everyone. Here's what we'd recommend from the Ergo series:

#1 UltraWide™ Ergo Monitor

This LG 34WN780-B style display is equipped with a 21:9 ultra-wideband fish screen, which ultimately gives you more screen space. Compared with the general 16:9 screen, it has 33% more screen space and therefore, is able to display more!

This way, you can easily view multiple interfaces at one time, which in turn makes it easier to navigate through your tasks and overall improve your efficiency!


It also offers the color performance of HDR10 to ensure that the highlights are not overexposed, and the dark tones are not underexposed, hence fully rendering more details in the dark and bright areas of any image, thus presenting extraordinary picture quality.

#2 UltraFine™ Display Ergo 4k Monitor

This particular display boasts a 31.5-inch UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) IPS display , which can reduce different visual chromatic aberrations and give you a more comfortable viewing experience!

UHD 4K resolution presents stunning clarity and fine details at a resolution four times that of Full HD. In short, HDR 10 specifically provides a more dramatic and dynamic visual experience.


With DCI-P3's 95% wide color spectrum , it is able to display the most detailed and vivid colors. It can also display 4K content at its original resolution.

In addition, it supports a full-featured Type C interface, which is highly convenient! really attractive! It supports 4K video/data output and can act as a USB Hub with 3 functions. No more tangled wires from multiple different chargers!

Selling price: 27" RM 2,520 | 32" RM 3,527 | Click [ here ] to see more!

#3 UltraGear™ Ergo Gaming Monitor


Been wanting a gaming desktop? Look no further! LG 27GN880-B gaming monitor has a 27" QHD display, HDR10 picture quality, and its sRGB 99% (Typ.) technology promises rich color display and realistic visual immersion, making your gaming experience all the more immersive!

The Nano IPS display it is equipped with can achieve a 1ms GTG TN-level speed and 144Hz refresh rate. The combination of the two provides smoother and clearer motion and an overall surreal gaming experience.


NVIDA test and certification, compatible with G-SYNC®, reduce tearing and lag! With FreeSync™ technology, the dynamic picture is smooth and clear, and you can operate in high-resolution and fast-paced games, reduce lag, and so much more.

This LG 27GN880-B gaming monitor will be launched in December, so keep an eye out for that! Go to [ LG Electronics Malaysia Facebook ] to know their latest news so you don't miss out!

Selling price: RM 2,445

# LG Onscreen Control


All the LG Ergo monitors mentioned are equipped with LG Onscreen control screen control function, which can easily control the monitor connected to the PC, including Monitor Control, My Display Presets, Screen Split, and other functions. 

Users can control each application's screen display partition and display mode according to their own application mode or content. If your work tasks involve a lot of screen switching, these monitors will be quick to become your new work buddy. 

Interested in purchasing the LG Ergo Monitor series? Check them out online! Simply click [ Shopee ] or [ Lazada ] and you'll find what you need. 

For more details, don't forget to follow LG Electronics Malaysia 's social media platforms! Linked below:





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