Not Ready For An Interview? You Can Now Use Google AI to Warm Up Your Interviews!



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Not Ready For An Interview? You Can Now Use Google AI to Warm Up Your Interviews!


When interviewing for a new job, other than paying attention to your appearance, you also need to hone your speaking skills. Many people will practice speaking in front of a mirror or with friends, but now you can even practice on your own!

Google Tool "Interview Warmup"

Google has developed a set of tools called "Interview Warmup", which was originally used by students participating in Google Career Certificates to adapt to every aspect of an interview and learn how to present their strengths and ideas. In "Interview Warmup", there is some common interview questions, after users answered the questions, system will transfers the voices to words directly. They will analyze the users' answers and give some tips and advice.

How to Use?  

1. Go to

2. Click "Start Practicing" on the homepage.

3. Choose the kind of job you're interviewing for.  

4. After a question is read aloud, click "Answer" and begin speaking.

5. Click "Done" when you're finished answering. 

6. You can either review your answer immediately by clicking the answer bar, or you can wait until you're finished with the practice interview.  

Tips: You can redo an answer as many times as you'd like.

As everyone concern about privacy, "Interview Warmup" will not save user audio or the transcript of answers. All data is private to user. If you would like to save your answers, you can download the full interview transcript at any time or at the end of the interview. 

Sweet reminder: These are only suggestions. You're the judge of how well you answer the questions.

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