WATCH: Robber Sprays Mosquito Repellent To Cashier Before Robbing Klang Shop



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WATCH: Robber Sprays Mosquito Repellent To Cashier Before Robbing Klang Shop

By JustineG

Four men were believed to be involved in a robbery at a convenience store located in Taman Johan Setia, Klang, Selangor, at 12:15 noon on Wednesday. In a viral video, the suspects are seen posing as customers, wandering around the store as if searching for items to buy. 

Additionally, the suspects were observed carrying equipment such as wood and mosquito repellent before committing the crime. According to the circulated video, the suspects also intimidated the store owner by spraying mosquito repellent towards the victim. 

After a brief moment, two suspects entered the payment counter and fled with several donation boxes placed on the counter. However, the recording shows that the suspects successfully escaped after taking items from the store. 

Checking the comments section, netizens largely condemned the criminals' behaviour, which instilled fear among the public.

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