Fake MC Syndicate Uncovered In Kajang, 200 Receipts Found



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Fake MC Syndicate Uncovered In Kajang, 200 Receipts Found


A group selling forged medical certificates at prices ranging from RM30 to RM50 has been busted by the police.

During the operation, the police seized one laptop, eight mobile phones, and six fake medical certificates. In addition, a significant number of forged medical leave forms were also confiscated. 

The illegal group, specializing in the production of counterfeit medical certificates, had been active for a year. The police conducted the operation in Kajang based on intelligence gathered between last Friday (8th) and Saturday (9th), leading to the arrest of six suspects.


Mohamad Zain, the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of the Kajang district, revealed that the police found 171 government medical leave forms, 70 private medical leave forms, and 19 clinic receipts all of which were determined to be counterfeit. 

According to the police investigation, the illegal group was active in the Kajang area, selling fake medical certificates at prices ranging from RM30 to RM50 each. 

The arrested suspects have been taken to the Kajang court for extended detention to assist in the ongoing police investigation. The police are investigating the case under Section 420 (Fraud) of the Penal Code. Mohamad Zain also urged employers to check employees' medical leave certificates and to contact the Kajang police hotline (03-89114242) if they discover any forgery.


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