Hidden Gem in Puchong! Must Try their Special Hakka Mee and Wantan Mee! Never seen anywhere!



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Hidden Gem in Puchong! Must Try their Special Hakka Mee and Wantan Mee! Never seen anywhere!

By HueyYeeMeow

It's Lunch Time!

Everyone will start thinking "What should I eat today?"

Eventually this question has become daily struggle for most individual nowadays.

Well, if you're near Puchong then you're lucky! As I'll be introducing this delicious and inexpensive foods stall to you now!

I am staying in Puchong and there are tonnes of food stall that can never finish trying them all for the whole life.  Being only the need to use the main road (in from IOI mall) in Puchong, never come to my mind to explore any food inside especially inside industrial area! 

Well this shop is located inside Taman Perindustrian Puchong, that I wouldn't be able to find it my whole life without my friend's recommendation! (Thanks friend!) 

My first visit is during lunch time, where I went to visit my friend who is working near the industrial area. As I am not familiar with the area, of course I'll ask for recommendation for nice food. She then asked "have you tried the special hakka mee near here?". I shook my head, and there she brought me to this place. It's located opposite of green field with huge trees in front of the shop.


The stall might not be appealing and at the first sight I thought it's a normal economic rice with "Dai Chow" (Chinese eating outlet that serve cook food upon order). First impression, failed. But..really?

Well my friend then proceed to order one Hakka Mee and one Wantan Mee, then we find a nice place and be seated. The kakak waitress then approach us and ask for drink order. My friend straightaway order 2 glasses of lemon drink without asking my opinion. She then said "you'll like it" with a Big smile on her face. Ouh..kay.. let's see what do they bring up. 

A moment later, these appear in front of me!





The auntie who cook these, put down these 2 bolwls of noodle on our table and quickly move on to attend the next order. Literally, I went speechless a while. Then I look at my friend and ask again, knowing the answer would be the same but just wanted to make sure. "What are these again?"

"Hakka Mee and Wantan Mee lor.. Special leh.." with the Biggest grin on her face.

Then she stand up and move to the next table, then brought back 2 bottles of different chilies. "Try these" she said.


Instead of using plastic sauce dish (I support zero waste), I mix both chilies in a Chinese soup spoon. The smell from both chilies stimulate my saliva. In addition to the special appeal of my bowl of Hakka Mee, I couldn't wait to take my first bite!

I mixed the noodle with toppings and "nom"

Omigosh shooo Good!

I couldn't believe the noodle I am eating is Hakka Mee. It is nothing like merely Hakka Mee. It definitely taste better! Much better!

The taste from combination of these six toppings of soft boiled egg, soy minced pork, spring onion, boiled large peanut, friend minced shallot, and fried chili shrimp with hakka noodle just came out perfectly!

Of course I wouldn't miss the chance to try my friend's special Wantan Mee as well. I took one of her "zha char siew" (fried Chinese BBQ pork) and "crunch". I couldn't believe how crunchy the meat can be! The sweetness and fragrant of the fried meat are addicting and just hard to describe on how the meat melts in my mouth! This amazing sensory of taste are fun! This would definitely be my order on my next visit!

Now my impression points towards this shop has increased, a lot! At least I am already planning my next visits.

The noodle bowls are so big in portion that we both can hardly finish it. Perhaps the size is due to frequent serving to the physical workers within the industrial area. 

We enjoyed our meal and when thirst kicks, I drink the lemon drink that my friend ordered (I forgot to take photo, I'm too enjoying my meal) . It's combination of lime and lemon and again they don't fail to impress me. The sweetness and sourness well match with not abundance in either way. It's a simple drink yet it's very refreshing! I almost drink the whole cup in one shot. It was just soooo nice! Especially in hot day!

With fullest tummy, we went to the counter and make payment. My friend stop my wallet and handed RM20 to the cashier. I am thinking "so big bowl with drink, RM20 enough meh?". To my surprise she was given a return of RM3, which means our meal is only RM8.50 per person including drink! I'm overjoyed!

So that's the end of my first encounter with this special hakka mee wantan mee story. What's next? Of course I bring all my "Yi Ma Ku Jie" (another way of describing relatives in Cantonese) and friends come for feast!

Here impressed me. Hope you too!

Restoran May Shaw 美食茶室(工业區)

24, Jalan TPP 1/14, Taman Perindustrian Puchong (Taman Preindustrian)

47100 Puchong Batu Dua Belas, Selangor


+60 18-201 7479

Opening hours : 7.00am to 2.00pm, Monday to Saturday. Sunday closed.

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Hidden Gem in Puchong! Must Try their Special Hakka Mee and Wantan Mee! Never seen anywhere!

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