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Signs That Your Boss is Trying to Get Rid of You

MJC97   |   Aug 17, 2021, 19:10   |   924

With all the uncertainty that comes with COVID-19, one more thing was thrown out the window, job security. More and more companies are finding themselves unable to generate enough income to pay the salaries of all their employees forcing them to let go more than 50% of their employees. 

The constant anxiety about whether or not you’re one of the employees on the list of people who will be going or staying can be very detrimental to your health. So instead of wondering if you are one of them, here’s a way for you to know for sure if your boss is trying to get rid of you. 

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your boss might be letting you go soon:

1. You stop getting new projects to work on and most of your work seems to be getting reassigned to someone else


One of the obvious signs is you start noticing that your workload seems to be getting lesser as each day passes. Your boss stop giving you new projects to work on and he even starts reassigning some of your important projects. 

Someone you wind up doing unimportant or unimpactful tasks, also known as busy work, that doesn’t really contribute anything to you or the company. 

2. There no room or space for you to grow 


The main thing people aim for when starting a new career is to work hard and be a pro in whatever field they’re in so that eventually they can get promoted and move upwards on the corporate ladder. However, if you employer is planning on letting you go, why would they give you a promotion right? 

That is another sign that you’re not going to be staying in the company for long. You may have been working there long enough to get a promotion but for some reason your peers are getting promoted and you aren’t. Well, now you know the reason.

3. You daily tasks are suddenly micromanaged


A good boss knows one thing, they should trust their employees. So, when your boss who trusts you all along is suddenly checking in on you all the time, constant asking you for updates on everything and over-analysing your actions and decision, you best believe that something is not right. 

This could possibly be because they are trying to find something huge, they can terminate you for or maybe because they are gathering all the minor mistakes you make so that they can use them as an excuse to fire you. 

4. You are left in the dark about important decisions or projects


So you go to work, and you realise that you’re having such a quiet day. No emails, no meetings, no phone calls. That might not be a great thing. 

It could be because your boss is planning to get rid of you and doesn’t think that you should be a part of these conversations because you won’t be there when any of these things happen. 

5. The only information you get is about cutting costs


So, you’re suddenly iced out from all the important emails and seem to only be receiving emails about how the company needs to cut costs? That could be your boss trying to hint that the company has no money to pay you. 

This could be a tactic your boss is using to make you feel uncertain and worried enough so that you start looking for other jobs elsewhere and leave before they can fire you. 


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