BOSSFit Opens in Berjaya Times Square KL, Now Everyone Can Be Fit Like A Bawse!



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BOSSFit Opens in Berjaya Times Square KL, Now Everyone Can Be Fit Like A Bawse!

By Pineapplesz

On 22nd June, we were graciously invited to the opening of BOSSFit Malaysia in Berjaya Times Square. We would like to share with you that it is indeed the coolest gym in KL and let us tell you why.

The alter ego of the Luxury Wellness Group; BOSSFit is a louder, more brash take on fitness. Infused with Babel's DNA, BOSSFit is lit up by a parade of neon lights exuding theme park vibes. BOSSFit values relatability; while taking a jab at our habits, the twist makes a mundane journey to the gym more entertaining.

The term 'Boss' is deeply ingrained in Malaysian society; used on the street, in restaurants, at offices and now welcomed from the gym. As every member is welcomed as a boss, they are encouraged to envision the type of boss that they want to be.

BOSSFit designed 4 thematic Classrooms for 3 boss aspirations; Flexi, Slim, Muscle.

1) Punishment Room

The Punishment room punishes Slim Bosses for their Malaysian Food Choices with HIIT Classes; it is the most efficient way to burn calories as your body will continue burning throughout the day after a HIIT class.  

2) Correctional Facility

The Correctional Facility corrects Flexi Boss's posture with Yoga and Pilates classes; beyond just stretching yoga and Pilates principles will lengthen, strengthen and tone giving Flexi Bosses more confidence with their posture.

3) Construction Site

The construction site builds Muscle Bosses with Functional Training Classes, targeting large muscle groups to achieve maximal definition for that beach body.

4) Conference Hall

The Conference hall is designed for all types of bosses to come together and experience more than just fitness. Rhythmic Classes such as Body Pump, Body Combat, Zumba electrifies your workout leaving you in bliss till the end of day.

Come and experience an eclectic gym that provides a variety of group classes, spacious gym floor with our BOSS coaches.

Location: BOSSFit in Berjaya Times Square KL 

Operation hours: Monday to Friday (6.30am - 10pm) and Weekends (7am - 9pm)

Address: Lot 16-06, Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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